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Business Law

Personal Attention On Every Case

An agreement exists for almost any kind of business transaction you can think of, and Ms. Bergen can help you develop the one that you need.  Ms. Bergen prepares a wide variety of business contracts and agreements in many industries, for services and products, including the following areas:  manufacturing and distribution agreements; franchise agreements; vendor, consultant, partnership, employment, independent contractor, and joint venture agreements; purchase agreements and agreements for production and sale of products; licensing, management, non-disclosure and confidentiality, publishing, consignment, commissions, marketing, sales, linking, security, UCC filings; indemnity agreements, construction agreements; settlement agreements, releases, assignments or novations of contracts, and many others. 

The Law Offices of Grace J. Bergen deliver the comprehensive services you need in a Sacramento, CA business attorney. Scheduling with us now could help protect your rights in the future. For more information, give us a call today.

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